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Date: 12/11/2017 | By: MashaGut

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Putlocker Movie Streaming

Date: 11/09/2016 | By: Putlocker Movie Streaming

Putlocker Movie Streaming

Date: 02/18/2016 | By:

good update for you....


Date: 12/25/2015 | By:

your blog is very good

Re: comment

Date: 11/23/2017 | By: RLAYC

Thank you for the kind words

Coming Together

Date: 03/05/2015 | By: Joy

The joy is in the giving!

Give it up

Date: 02/11/2015 | By: Jav

over a year, and still a dead site, kids in RL are not interested in a coming together for this, now if you mention you want to put a gang together, you will have hundreds of bangers applying!
how sad!

Dead site

Date: 10/09/2014 | By: Jav

what I mean is that there is nothing on this site that anyone wants to come back to.

for example:
07/17/2013 02:56
Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed.

so, where is the blog? where are the pictures, where are the team members? this is just a dead site.

Re: The Site

Date: 10/13/2014 | By: RLAYC

As it states: at this time there are no team members or facility location at this time. There is a lot to be done in constructing such a project. The community needs to take the time to share their interest and ideas in order for the project to gain momentum. Furthermore, the website indicates what it is trying to accomplish in the community and what it needs from the community. Data needs to be compiled. Establishing use for such a facility must be noted first. Then what activities would the community utilize needs to be confirmed next. If people are willing to volunteer to help this venture, that would be wonderful too. Are there ideas were the youth center could open its doors? These questions still need to be answered. Have you shared your thoughts Jav? Thank you for your time.

Re: Re: The Site

Date: 10/18/2014 | By: Jav

for starters...we need someone to donate a location, once we have that.....the rest comes together much easier....

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Topic: Developing A Round Lake Area Youth Center

New Site

Date: 12/04/2013 | By: Michelle Hill

I will be willing to volunteer at this center. The website looks good!

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