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We Invite Your Thoughts

02/10/2015 21:36
Patrons of the community have taken the time to visit our website and complete some polls. In order for RLAYC to better serve the community, we also ask that you take some time to answer the questions that are open for discussion. On The Homepage feel free to conversate with us on why a youth...

The Floor Is Open For Discussion/El piso está abierto a la discusión

12/01/2013 13:39
Let the  discussion begin! Here is an invitation for inspiration. ¡ Que comience la discusión! Aquí es una invitación para la inspiración.

New Event/Nuevo Evento

07/17/2013 02:56
The RLAYC website has been formed to create a community for the different neighborhoods of the Round Lake area. El sitio web RLAYC ha sido formado para crear una comunidad para los diferentes barrios de la zona de Round Lake.