Facility Name ~ Nombre Del Centro Juventud

If you could choose a name for the youth center, what would it be and why? Si pudiera elegir un nombre para el centro juventud, ¿Qué nombre sería y por qué?


Give Thanks

11/23/2017 11:48
Today is a beautiful day to celebrate all the things for which we are thankful. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


07/30/2017 10:02
We do hope that all within the community who have been touched by the flood have been able to find assistance and pull through. We want to thank those who have assisted in this time of need.

E-Mail Address Update

04/02/2017 09:19
Please note that the e-mail address associated with The Round Lake Area Youth Center Project has been updated to YC4RLA@GMX.com. Please send all inquiries and ideas to this new e-mail address. Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Flyers Around Town

12/07/2015 20:04
Flyers have gone up around the Round Lake area. Feel free to share the website address with anyone who would be interested in sharing his or her views. Thank you for visiting RLAYC's website!

Round Lake Area Youth Center

12/05/2015 08:57
Hello Members of The Round Lake Area,Have you checked out www.rlayc.webnode.com where a discussion can begin for creating a youth center for the students in the surrounding area of Hainesville, Round Lake, Round Lake Beach, Round Lake Heights, and Round Lake Park?Please feel free to share your...

Happy Thanksgiving!

11/26/2015 09:38
RLAYC would like to wish the community a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Summer Is Coming To An End

07/27/2015 13:16
School is just around the corner, as students head back to school in the upcoming weeks.Feel free to share RLAYC's website to those who would love to share their ideas.Thank you for visiting!

Summer Just Around The Corner

05/27/2015 15:34
School for district 116 is about to come to an end. How will you be spending your time?

Just Around The Corner

03/14/2015 10:48
It looks as though spring is just around the corner. Thank you to those who have visited the website. Let us continue the discussion of how we can create a great place for the students in the community.

Enjoy A Game!

03/04/2015 10:32
Throughout the website there are games placed for your enjoyment. They can be found on The Homepage, The Contact Us Page, and The News Page. Thank you for visiting RLAYC's website and please enjoy!
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