Facility Name ~ Nombre Del Centro Juventud

If you could choose a name for the youth center, what would it be and why? Si pudiera elegir un nombre para el centro juventud, ¿Qué nombre sería y por qué?


Visitors notice

07/17/2013 02:57
The RLAYC website has just been created to establish a place where ideas & thoughts could flow on how to assist the students of the Round Lake Area once the school day has concluded.    

RLAYC Website launched

07/17/2013 02:56
RLAYC's website has been launched today. Although a youth center is not a new idea, it would be a great addition to the community. In order to begin the process of discovering if such a program would thrive in the Round Lake Area, this forum has been created to open the floor for discussion.  
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