Warm Wishes

11/28/2014 07:47

Winter has come early this year, but we hope everyone in the community has had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Don't forget to take a few polls on your visit. Thank you for your support.

Talent Everywhere

10/13/2014 22:14

Everyone in the community has a skill or two that makes him or her unique. What skills do you have that could be an amazing asset to The RLAYC? Feel free to post your thoughts in The Working Together portion of our website to share your skillset.

Naming The Facility

10/13/2014 21:09

Under The News section of our website, there is an area where you can place your ideas for naming the facility. Please visit this segment to help us in selecting a name for The RLAYC.

Thank You

10/13/2014 21:03

Thank you to all you patrons who have taken the time to visit our website. It is important to spread the word to your family and friends who live in the area. We need to compile a lot of data to show that a youth center would thrive in the Round Lake area. Take a poll or two and don't forget to share your thoughts. There is the discussion board under Working Together along with the Guestbook to express your ideas. Here's to a great venture!

First blog

07/17/2013 02:56

Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.

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