Board Member Responsibilities

06/05/2015 14:15

There are many responsibilities that board members are expected to uphold. Some of the following include, but are not limited to:

1) Attending board meetings

2) Participating in committee work

3) Reviewing funding needs, priorities, programs, purposes, and targets of achievement 

4) Evaluation of performance of Chief Executive

5) Assuring financial responsibility with approving the annual budget, overseeing adherence to the annual budget, contracting for an independent audit, and controlling the investment policies along with management of capital reserve funds

6) Overseeing and evaluating programs provided by the organization

7) Supporting staff members

8) Advocating for the community

9) Contributing and participating in cultivating, identifying, and soliciting prospective supporters

10) Maintaining effective organization, procedures, and recruitment 

11) Fulfilling the foregoing governance responsibilities